This is My noshaworldsite My First Post

I am Hend Fouda.

I am a future Biotechnologist.

I have no enough experience in blogging. Although, I took a deep breath and decided to create this blog to post and share whatever I am interested in, is that to help in spreading the knowledge and awareness about many in this exciting world, which will push us to creation and innovation. And will lead us to a better world with a better life.

I am excited. I always go crazy about discovering the new and the old in our world, and finding out more and more for precious information in many fields (including: science, history, arts, sports, and more…). I am willing to a better life. So let us educate ourselves, gain more knowledge, expand our minds, and take experiences in our lives. And this is what my weblog is spinning around.

I will do posts and share articles based on people’s discoveries and researches. So lets discover the world together.

If you are interested just follow my blog https://noshasite.wordpress.com I wish I can find out for you all creations and innovations worldwide. It is my passion.

Posts will go up on Thursday. (And will be published in English language or Arabic language)


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